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Color Collections

Sometimes, looking at colors in groupings help you find the vision you are trying to express. The Collections below pull colors together by personality, style, designer and project - one of them, we are sure will be the right path to get you started choosing the best colors.

Harmony Collections .

Arranged by personality, style and the five senses, the Harmony Collections offer personal, meaningful colors that all work together for wall, trim, furniture and accessories.

Essential Collections .

We took project color cards to an entirely new level by choosing only the best colors and color combinations for each section. These are tried and true colors that work on your walls, siding and historic home.

Designer Collections .

Go with the experts and see the designers collections that feature beautiful, authentic colors they are sharing with you for your home.

Regional Collections .

Finding beauty in your backyard or vacation spot, that is what these color collections offer: beautiful and local colors.