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The Al fresco Harmony Collection™ introduces welcoming and rejuvenating color harmonies inspired by nature’s palette. It’s a weekend in the countryside, the smell of freshly cut grass, or fresh basil growing on your kitchen window sill. A friendly color, green symbolizes renewal and embodies our thoughts of springtime. It is the essence of your garden and luminous when the sun glimmers through after rain. The greens of Al fresco are inviting; they comfort, soothe, and restore.

British Racing Green

Tradition steeped in good taste. What den, library, cottage, boy's room, house exterior (or even a car?) wouldn't be perfect in this handsome collection? British Racing Green with a tan interior is a flawless match with almost any wood stain, to recreate the feel of a classic roadster.


Spring flowers exist in a state of delightful perfection, buds sway tenderly awaiting to open, and ferns quiver tremulously in non-existent breezes. The perfect complement to old and new. It's enchanting.


For those who truly crave the essence of light, this luminous palette will create an endless spring, indoors. Treat yourself to this pale, organic collection when you wish to cultivate tranquility and serenity in any room. For best effect, pair it with pale, white, or light woods, and of course, sunshine and flowers.


Tailored classics meet mystical intuition in this charming blend of organic neutrals, sage, and more daring shades of deep velvety lavender... use solid colors for a sophisticated new look or add floral touches to bring in the countryside.


In this tartan palette, soft mossy greens mingle with a rustic terracotta red and a time-honored linen white to recreate the breathtaking lochs, mountains and glens of the Scottish Highlands.


From the late 1800's, Shakers painted their simple, clean-lined, and notoriously well-crafted furniture with homemade milk paints, often made famous in their keepsake boxes. The soft, matte shades of tranquil green, blue, and blue-greens were particularly popular and are recreated here in spirit and showcased in our Shaker Palette.

Spa Therapy

Clear, clean, and calming, this rejuvenating collection will enhance health and wellness with its year-round infusion of light, and its subtle fresh energy. An everlasting spa... a little self-indulgence for the senses! Perfect for bathrooms.


In a word? Revitalize! This crisp, refreshing trend collection pairs the latest in pure greens with white, to help you create an invigorating Spring Fever palette. Light and refreshing, it is both tonic and inviting. Use it to create happy, playful children's rooms or lighthearted kitchens, where it is charmingly framed by painted white wainscoting.