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Welcome to the Almonds & Honey Harmony Collection™, where the purity of yellow expresses cheer and optimism wherever it shines. Known to stimulate the intellect, yellow also improves concentration and sharpens memory. Ideal for the study, home office, and children’s rooms. With its positive effect on mood, the joyous nature of yellow promotes harmony and a sense of vitality.


Designed to lift your spirits, Carousel is a cheerful palette saturated with playful French Country flavor. It's the ideal backdrop for spirited prints: just accent the blue for the feel of Provence, or pump up the red to increase energy. Layer it throughout your home to let the sunshine in and flowers bloom, all year-round.

Cotton House

With the feel of the softest summer cotton, this classic, pale blend of straw, cotton, and sky is fashioned to both soothe and inspire you. If you are drawn to a fresh and clean space and you prefer spring and summer to fall, Cotton House will lighten your mood, rejuvenate your senses, and instill your home with the freshness of cotton.


Sweet Basil is a sun-loving, warm season herb that flourishes in temperatures over 80 degrees. Highly aromatic, both its leaves and oils are used for flavor, and the entire plant is reputed to have many medicinal properties. Try this naturally compatible Sunshine & Basil collection to create the perfect blend in your kitchen.


One of the building blocks of the ancient world, travertine is an elegant stone that could be described as being halfway between limestone and marble. Its presence helped to define the architecture and sculpture of both the Ancient Greek civilization and the Roman Empire. This fail-safe, timeless palette of cream, white, and amber, represents the classic, inherent strength and durability of a time-honored material and lends itself with confidence to any décor.

Queen Bees, Nuts & Berries

Oh, the aroma of things natural and sweet. Imagine a color collection just as inviting: the purest honey, the ripest of berries, and the essence of almonds in an engaging palette, ripe for any room where the family gathers. In kitchens, sunrooms, and family rooms, we dare you to... make it regal!