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The colors of sand, iron ore and terracotta; all expertly balanced with complementary hues of deep ocean blues, muted khakis, or sea-worn neutrals. Reminiscent of exotic places and familiar pleasures, orange is joyful and stimulates creativity. As the color of fire and sun, orange bursts with liveliness. This energizing hue adds spice to any room where action is a key word, like the kitchen, playroom, or hallway.

Ginger Tea

Use this natural palette to help you create a stress-free living space. Originally from India, ginger's soothing properties were recognized in China for myriad uses and so highly regarded that ginger jars were given as precious gifts to preserve it. Try a balanced blend of cream, caramel, tan, and sage and improve your health with the essence of ginger.

Mayan Legend

There are riches to be found in the City of Gold... intense and dynamic, these colors are impressive and magnificent. They inspire conversation and activity and are not for the faint of heart. Create your own legend with the energizing, bejeweled hues of copper, amber, gold, and sand... and never underestimate the impact of rich, rich color.

Passage to India

Invest in the colors of magnificent architecture and monumental history, in the sunset hues and intense terracotta of a timeless landscape. This glorious palette creates an undeniable aura of romance and mysticism and its appeal to true travelers will increase appetite and conversation in any room where the adventurers gather.

Paved with Bronze

Historically, the Egyptians considered bronze to be the metal of the Gods. The ancient method of casting bronze dates back more than 6,000 years and played a key role in producing art, weapons, and utensils for civilizations from Asia to Africa to Greece. In southern India bronze is believed to radiate the energy of the divine and to this day, spiritual bronze sculptures abound. Is your path to color paved with bronze?

San Miguel

Ready for a vacation? As welcoming as the breeze which envelopes San Miguel, this palette offers an energizing harmony of vibrant and complementary hues, of fire and earth and ocean. Inspired by the superb ceramic tiles which characterize Mexico, the San Miguel collection will infuse your home with energy.