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The classic and discriminating tones of the Leather, Stone & Wood Harmony Collection™ recapture the essence of earthen objects in tactile palettes destined to create restful backdrops for living. These harmonies are particularly well-suited to open concept living where we rely on shade and nuance to divide space, or to enhance sophisticated interiors as the perfect partner for dark wood trims, leather furniture, and a library feel.

Balmoral Mist

There are people and places we treasure, a memory embraced like a friend. Welcome to the discerning Balmoral Mist collection, where, in an exemplary earthy palette for indoors or out, you may be in danger of becoming a recluse.


Evoking the feel of men in tuxedos and women in cocktail dresses, the powerful Black Tie collection will create a sophisticated, dramatic atmosphere where leather and high-tech co-exist in deliberate harmony, and color becomes the backdrop for significant pieces.


This archetypal palette of layered organic neutrals is dramatically reinvented with the introduction of a grounding charcoal base. All rooms can use a few black accents for drama, be it lamps, wrought iron, or picture frames... so, why not an entire wall? Try a feature wall in its deep-of-night charcoal, and to do it justice, be sure to use an ultra matte paint for the ultimate, blemish-free, rich finish, which is particularly important for deep colors.

Fire & Earth

According to the Greek philosopher, scientist, and healer Empedocles, who lived in Sicily in fifth century B.C., all matter is comprised of four elements, including earth, air, fire, and water. The Leather, Stone & Wood Harmony Collection represents the practical and grounding force of the earth element. We've paired this force with the complementary, radiating energy of the fire element, epitomized here in a vibrant, active red, perfect for feature walls, and an invigorating accent in any room.


Capture the essence of moonlit earth, stone, and sand in this urban palette of hushed gray-blues and muted wood tones. Paired with white metals and stainless steel, it is classic yet contemporary, with a flair. An ideal palette for bedrooms, media rooms, bathrooms, and sophisticated offices.


Imagine a late-summer evening where ripe oat and wheat blanket the prairies in hues of sand and suede. Slowly, skies blaze with a warm canyon red. If you've landed here, you are drawn to the warmer side of Leather, Stone & Wood, in a rich and luxurious palette that complements almost any wood with a golden base.

Raspberry Truffle

A scrumptious palette of Belgian chocolate, raspberries, and cream, mingled in a tempting harmony for the senses. Give in to a tasteful, understated recipe for comfort - especially for living or dining rooms, which recall the charms of elegant old mansions, dark woods, and high polish. Match with an abundance of printed fabrics and exquisite papers, and relish the effect.

Concrete and Cream

Clear-cut simplicity. Ease your modern look with an inviting urban palette of concrete grays and icy creams, juxtaposed with exotic woods, sleek stainless steel, and man-made materials. For more masculine impact, emphasize the gray. To soften, pour on the cream. It's concrete and serene.