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In color therapy, pink is used for its ability to calm and to promote muscular relaxation. In pale shades, it is the gentle color of unconditional love; in its vivid form it is joyous, energetic, and pure. In our days where multitasking is a must and time a luxury, the current revived attraction for pink expresses an innate desire to balance the stress we have to face daily. If you are craving this kind of balance, you’ll love our new Morning Rose Harmony Collection™.

Couture Blush

With the grace of cashmere and crystal, this luxurious palette is custom-made with the shimmering tone-on-tone opulence of freshwater pearls. You are drawn to classic, understated elegance and you desire a calming, sophisticated environment that envelops you in rich texture. You crave Couture Blush. Warm taupes with pale rose undertones are revitalized with gray and white. Accessorize with white metals and dark, espresso woods... indulge yourself.

Damask Rose

The Persians were the first to distill the essential oil of the heavenly scented damask rose, which gets its name from Damascus in ancient Syria. These elegant tones are ideal for creating a warm and affectionate palette, balanced by organic neutrals and a complementary leaf green, that works equally well in rich, new décor, and in traditional Victorian settings.


Envision yourself swathed in the luxury of pure, indulgent color. An ultra-feminine collection of soft and deep pastels, Pashmina is the ideal romantic palette for pampering -- in your private reading room, bedroom, or girl's room -- where ambiance is key and color restores you.


Garden lovers will agree admiring fresh blooms is certain to elevate your spirit. The flowers of the poppy last only one day, but the plant continues to flower in succession, each day brightened by original blossoms. This joyous and imaginative collection has been created to instill your space with the spirit of young blooms.

Sweetheart & Grace

With our rekindled interest in soft and pale pinks, this return to a feminine sensibility in décor offers classic style in a palette where colors subtly enhance the emotions associated with love, kindness, and nurturing. Well-balanced with quiet yellows and soft greens, it is ideal for rooms where gentleness and comfort are key, and is flawlessly married with both contemporary and traditional décor.