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Modern innovative color combinations create energetic and happy harmonies that exude personality and invigorate your decor. The most dynamic of our Harmony Families, Pop Art is for the lighthearted and daring, who don’t always play by the rules, and who live to laugh out loud. You’ll thrive in these palettes if stripes and humor energize you. Pop Art is for pleasure-seekers who welcome company, imagination, and smiling multi-colors.

Flower Power

Encouraged by the social revolution of the 1960's, the use of intense color played a key role in defining a decade. It has returned, and these clashing Flower Power brights are all the rage. They evoke a sense of fun and spontaneity and an energetic joy. Try this active citrus blend on a couple of walls or more, and anchor it with chocolate for a modern touch.

Ladybug Twist

The delicate ladybug is the Native American symbol for delight and trust. Associated with fire, sun, spirituality, and renewal, it is said their short life teaches to let go of worries and fears, to trust in spirit and enjoy life. The legend is, if a ladybug appears it brings joy and change, and if one lands on your skin or hair you will have good fortune. Ladybug Twist, this playful palette of layered reds is for you if you love color, live with passion, and aren't afraid to mix it up.


The first traces to logos appeared in ancient Greece and the use of them has existed as long as there have been traders and merchants. A strong statement like the one this palette makes with revived blue-greens and chocolate, is what creating a logo is all about. Recognizable and original, it will create a uniquely spirited atmosphere that is playful and edgy with a chic retro sensibility. Will it be your new trademark?

Paint by Numbers

You must be cheerful, courageous, and fun - you've chosen a lighthearted yet spirited harmony meant to be played with and layered - a splash of color here, a ribbon of color there. Pair it with a retro sensibility and some funky plastics for contemporary flair. To make it simple, use white as your base color and color-block your way through... just Paint By Numbers!


This strong, masculine palette grounded by navy and gray is complemented with a muted rust - reminiscent of aged photos and antique serigraphs. If you are drawn to Serigraph, this retro re-mix, you must be loyal, competitive, and dependable, but with an independent spirit. Marry it with white for a modern look, or mix with antiques for that library feel, with an edge.