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Our travel adventures create our most significant and joyous memories of people, times and places. To capture this essence of exotic living, we created our Tapestry & Mosaic Harmony Collection™. In a diverse, rich and opulent collection, we have reinterpreted experiences into balanced custom color palettes for your home, so you can live daily in an atmosphere that easily transports you to that fond memory or dream.

Coat of Arms

In the symbolism encoded in ancient coats of arms, the color red refers to a warrior, while dark blue is associated with truth and loyalty. In their deepest hues, complemented by a scale of refined neutrals, these colors construct a classic, masculine palette that conveys a strong sense of accomplishment.

Euro Blush

This contrary, contemporary palette mingles pale soft pinks with deep, masculine brown and a uniform, flannel gray. The opposition creates a strong yet feminine palette that evokes an alluring scene, reminiscent of old-fashioned movie-star glamour, but with a steel edge. It is expensive jewelry, luxurious cashmere, dark wood and pearls. A little Coco, a little Sinatra... it makes us blush.

Euro Jade

Considered a noble gem in the Chinese Empire, jade is said to possess the five essential virtues of Chinese Philosophy, including compassion, modesty, courage, justice, and wisdom. Legend has it the stone was crystallized moonlight. This lasting palette will transform your space and create a treasured room that, like the stone, represents values, hard work, long friendships, long life, and a sense of justice.


The secret to deciphering hieroglyphs was lost until the Rosetta stone was discovered in 1799. However the graphic style and colors used in the ancient Egyptian aesthetic were always perceived as a symbol of majestic beauty. Inspired by this venerable artistic expression, we created a harmony based on a coppery-ocher palette, energized with touch of precious turquoise, reminiscent of the dazzling skies of Egypt.


That mysterious place where earth and sky appear to meet is known as the apparent horizon. It is into that misted, grayed, greenish-blue that sky melts and colors fade. This ethereal palette captures the feeling of hope and possibility, of expanded horizons, in a continued search for knowledge, interest, and experience.


Refreshingly simple, this distinguished collection has roots in magnificent military and nautical honors, which impart an air of both energy and strength. Its foundation in the primary colors, balanced by shades of gray and tan, will secure you top honors on the decorating front.

Midnight Song

Rooted in the primary color of mysticism, these three notes of midnight purple are balanced by neutral and light tones, to create a palette that is both magical and grounded. If you are drawn to this dramatic palette, it is safe to say you are an intuitive, spiritual person... and that you come alive when color serenades you.


As neutrals are continually redefined, we find pale palettes enhanced with striking accents and complements. This is a cosmopolitan collection, the perfect blend for a social environment, especially for living or dining rooms.