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Up North

Give your Home an Up North feel. The Up North Color Collection is defined with significant colors of the landscape. From the lake to the beach to the vineyards, these quiet, reminiscent colors will conjure memories for its residents and for those who have visited and fell in love with Up North beauty. Some colors are soft and ambiguous, taking on the hues of the colors in the décor surrounding them. Others are rich and saturated like Heirloom Eggplant and Cottage Getaway.

  • 449-3 RENDEZVOUS
  • ATC-1 Crushed Cinnamon
  • ATC-4 Hunt Club Red
  • ATC-10 Red Rock Falls
  • ATC-23 Soleil
  • ATC-27 Ivory Beauty
  • ATC-48 Distant Valley
  • ATC-51 Scottish Moor
  • ATC-52 Northern Landscape
  • ATC-53 Static
  • ATC-54 Edamame
  • ATC-56 Breezeway
  • ATC-57 Niagara Mist
  • ATC-58 Bay of Fundy
  • ATC-59 Gale Force
  • ATC-61 Twilight Stroll
  • ATC-65 Polaris
  • ATC-74 Purple Dusk
  • ATC-76 Roasted Chestnut
  • ATC-80 Gravity
  • ATC-84 Aldabra
  • ATC-86 Hideaway
  • ATC-88 Vanilla Love
  • ATC-100 Curlew