Pattern Your world
Decorative prints find their
way onto new mediums.

Each and every season, scores of designers — whether fashion, interior, or product types — spend countless hours and money deciphering the prints and patterns of the moment. This is serious business — knowing which prints are "on trend" helps determine the look of almost everything from handbags and dresses to throw pillows and table napkins. It's fair to say it's a billion-dollar industry. Even cosmetics packaging and school notebooks fall prey to the must-have pattern trends. But what happens when pattern itself becomes the trend?

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The Voice of Color’s Featured Designers are experienced professionals who express their own artistic vision of space and comfort through color. They have made The Voice of Color collections their own and use them in many of their design projects. Consult their portfolios or showcase your designs >

Trial Size Program

Our two-ounce jars allow
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before committing to a color or palette.
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