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Loving Red, Being Red, Being Loved Being Loved
RED stimulates conversation and makes people feel alive. For this season, red is a favorite among designers because of its high octane energy.

This powerful primary color symbolizes sexuality, energy, warmth and, in some cultures, fortune and fertility. Red dominated the year's runways, ranging from rust to vibrant, and nearly-neon tones. For the year to come it will continue, with bright red and red-orange to appear as strong statement colors.
On the street, classic red lips and daring redheads show that this classic yet punchy color will continue to impact the Beauty market.In your house, Red can be the perfect antidote to repel a lethargic mood.

A rich red will have the effect of making a room feel warmer and frankly, so much more glamorous.
Glamour. Mysterious, Sophisticated, Intricate, Sensual
Glistening metallics and intricate motifs invite to a sophisticated decor. With a contemporary perspective, it lets us bring to life a new gold standard connecting the past with the present.

See the Glamour Trend Collection here >
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