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What color do you feel?
Color Sense Game
Color conveys emotion. It has the ability to help you express anything you wish. It can be powerful, soft, energizing, or tranquil. The colors you choose define a space and give it personality, mood. Color's influence on the senses is seemingly limitless.
You feel color.

Every color has meaning, inspiration, a story. Tell us your story. Begin your color journey here.

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What is one of the least expensive ways to totally transform a room? PAINT!
White should only be intentional. Many of us use white as a default color not knowing what color to use. As a general rule of thumb, always choose your paint color last. Look at the colors on your furniture fabric, artwork, flooring to find the perfect paint color. Paint can be matched into any color you find. The Voice of Color makes it easy with the 5-color Harmony color swatches that offer color for the wall as well as furniture, accessories, flooring and window treatments. All the colors used on these innovative color swatches were pulled from existing colors in the textile market so you can find the paint colors and the fabric colors you want at your favorite stores.

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The Best of The Best! Brand new color collections for your home.
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